Thursday, April 25, 2013

Charm of Happiness Attraction

A charm that can help bring happiness into your life.

    •    dandelions
    •    bright and colorful yarn or thread
    •    yellow fluorite (if you don’t have it any yellow stone will do~)
    •    a small piece of paper
    •    yellow drawstring bag or yellow bottle

Gather these items, making sure the plants are properly dried so they don’t mold. As you gather these items think about how you want your life to become better and happier.
As you gather these items you may chant “Bright color yellow, let my sadness mellow.”
Now once you are done, take the piece of paper and write “happiness” upon it. Then burn the paper. Add the ashes to the mix.
Place all of the items into the bottle/bag to carry around when you need it. You should place it in your bedroom when not in use.

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