Thursday, April 25, 2013

Garden Blessing

To Bless a magical or mundane garden.
  • green or brown candle
  • pot of soil (If you can’t be outside)
  • packet of seeds or flowering plant/herb
  • picture of your ideal garden plan
  • smoke cleansing stick
  • salt
  • water
This can be done inside with the above items prior to the gardening season, or it can be done outside with just the cleansing stick and the salt and water mixed. If you are inside, visualize the garden and go through the symbolic act of planting something. If you are outside, you can walk the perimeter of your garden space, wafting the cleansing stick and sprinkling the salt/water around the edges of the area you want to bless (be careful not to use too much salt, since it can damage plants). You can say the spell as you are doing this, before, or after. This spell is best done on a sunny day.
  • Green and growing, full of life
  • Bless this garden mine
  • A calm oasis free from strife
  • Touched by gifts divine
  • Let this garden grow and thrive
  • Be free of weed or pest
  • Through seasons changing and alive
  • Like nature’s treasure chest
  • Whether herb or fruit or flower
  • Let plants and seedlings grow
  • Strong and healthy, filled with power
  • Beneath the sun’s bright glow
Source: Deborah Blake- Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook

Notes from Dy: I edited it a little because she did say to use a “sage smudge stick” which is an appropriated term.

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